Alena Boika (BY/CZ)

Alena Boika is an editor-in-chief for UMELEC International Magazine for contemporary art and culture (Czech Republic) for Russian-speaking countries and the former Soviet Union; Freelance art journalist and curator working extensively in Georgia, Russia, Czech and other countries, Member and one of founders of Eastern Alliance Cultural Program.


The idea behind the Art House is running residency program based in Prague (Czech Republic) for artists and cultural activists (writers/intellectuals) from all over the world. To assist in an exchange of the Western and the Eastern experience in cultural sphere, that would lead to changes in cultural, social and probably political life in domestic countries of the participants. To improve cultural connections within European Union and to include in the dialog other voices from behind boundaries, that could enrich it, and fill with a new spirit and energy. In application process I would like to find out how the obtained experience could be used in her/his domestic country afterward; readiness to follow up the recommendations of the 'tutor', , a person from Art House Residency Team, who will be responsible for assistance in funds' raising from national and international resources.
Life will be organized on commune/squat principals.