Ewa Tatar / Dominik Kuryłek / Wojciech Orlik (PL)

Ewa Małgorzata Tatar is an art historian, art critic, freelance curator and editor for Ha!Art magazine, Obieg Magazine. Currently she is studying for her PhD and lectures at postgraduate gender studies, Institute of Literature Studies, Polish Academy of Science; course topic: "Art and Feminism".

Dominik Kuryłek is an art historian and curator. Currently writing his PhD at Jagiellonian University and working as senior assistant at the Department for Modern Painting and Sculpture at National Msem in Cracow. Together with Ewa Tatar organized multiple exhibitions and events devoted to Polish art in Poland and abroad.


The National Museum in Krakow was created by artists who donated and produced artworks especially for it, and who made decisions about the shape of its programme. We are convinced that today, 130 years after the Museum was founded, it is worthwhile renewing this notable tradition. In view of this, we are planning to start a new project, which would consist in organizing twice a year residences for artists from Poland and abroad. They would be commissioned to realize projects related to the broadly understood context of the National Museum in Krakow. We hope that it will develop the reflection on the role of the Museum and on the question of the present meaning of the notion of "national". We will try to answer the question whether ethnic communities should serve as a point of reference for the Museum, or whether it should relate to communities bound by a common cultural experience.