Ivars Gravlejs (LV) / Petra Petileta (CZ)

Ivars Gravlejs is a visual artist mainly working in the media of photography. From 2008 pedagogue in Liepaja University for New Media program in Latvia.

Petra Petileta is a visual artist, children teacher, assistant of production, receptionist, working in the social field.


The main intention of the residency is to observe and research the socioeconomic and cultural situation in Riga, to interact and collaborate with the local communities and Latvian art scene.

For a better integration in the Riga's local scene, communication and understanding cultural habits the invited artists would live in a one room of the three rooms flat together with residency organizers. In these specific living conditions, if the artist would be interested, it would be possible to collaborate and create projects together.

We would like that artists during the residency would create a field specific project. The concept of definition of everyday includes domestic communication, communication with local scene, commenting, describing and reacting on everyday experiences in Riga.