Magdalena Ujma (PL)

Since 1989 Magda Ujma has published over 400 texts about modern art. Her major fields of interest are gender issues in recent art, reflections on contemporary art criticism, beauty and other aesthetic values in modern art, representing evil in modern art. Currently works in the Gallery of Contemporary Art Bunkier Sztuki in Cracow, where she is a curator. In 2003, started working in an informal curatorial team “exgirls”, along with Joanna Zielinska.

Magda runs her blog at (in Polish).





1. The residency programme is going to be one of the key programmes led by the foundation based in Cracow which is currently under legal registration.
2. I’m going to host both artists and curators. No particular country is of my interest.
3. There wouldn’t be only one way to apply.
4. Its characteristic will be a small scale and private atmosphere. The residents would be hosted in a small flat combined with a studio.
5. I estimate the foundation would be able to host maximum 4 people per year, for the stay of 1-2 months. Every case would be considered individually.
6. The aim will be to give the invited people chance to get to know Polish, booming art scene with a special insight into Cracow and its region.
7. The guests would be asked to make small interventions in open space or/and at the residency seat. If they would be interested to join in the other projects, we would be delighted. A project dealing with alternative tourism would be particularly interesting.
8. I’d like to launch a network of collaborating small scale residency centres.